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ART HAUS is excited to share 0xigami.

The project takes complex 3D geometries and transforms them into beautifully architectural 2D matrices, known as crease patterns, to effectively UNFOLD origami on the Ethereum blockchain.

These generative works are constructed by smart contracts with verifiable randomness upon minting. Each of the 5000 unique vector graphics are infinitely scalable and stored entirely on-chain. Flexible Origami List Datastructure (FOLD) allows NFT owners to query JSON format folding instructions and recreate their models in 3D.

A dedicated secondary market powered by ZORA circumvents trading fees, with 100% of royalties earmarked for The Giving Block’s mental health fund. Gas war avoidance through ‘minting reservations’ can be unlocked exclusively by keyholders.

Join our collective arts patronage, the first in-haus production is almost here.




Gami is a multidisciplinary creative, forward thinking tech buff, and lifelong participant in the arts. He's our Head of HAUS, a member of Nouns DAO and keeps busy leading Gnars and Nouns Athletes.

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