The arts alliance for an internet renaissance

AHA is fostering adoption of NFT technologies by visionary galleries for innovation across all sectors of the arts

Empower your artists with tokenised works

Non-fungible token (NFT) standards enable, for the first time in history, the ability for collectors to experience true ownership over something digital. The verifiable scarcity and unrivalled provenance provided by blockchains have sparked a digital art revolution.

Capture value in ways you never thought possible

As the tokenised art market matures beyond early experiments, we are entering an internet renaissance. ART HAUS delivers a new frontier of possibilities, pioneered by those democratising the art market and reinventing its associated business models.

We’re making the emerging world of NFT and tokenised art more accessible to independent gallerists worldwide

Full Service Auctions

Facilitated on your behalf.

Open Source Plugins

Auctions on your platform.

Bespoke Collaborations

Unique custom built experiences.


  • Funding initiatives
  • Strategy development
  • Industry groups


  • Market research
  • Tailored content
  • Intimate events


  • Discord servers
  • Twitter discussion
  • Key influencers


  • Blockchain training
  • Open source software
  • Simple onboarding

The internet’s next evolution

The digital revolution has arrived, let's discuss your strategy

ART HAUS ALLIANCE is a self-funded initiative and we've made it our mission to help galleries establish their presence in the metaverse.