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ART HAUS was established to help artists, curators and collectors navigate the tokenised art (NFT) market. As traditional galleries begin to explore NFTs, we are well positioned as crypto natives, to nurture artists from minting to successful sale.

Our main objective is making web3 more accessible to the many thousands of galleries residing in web2. We’re bringing the best open protocols, such as Zora Auction House and Manifold Creator, directly to the web platforms that galleries already use.

Curation is Key

Engineering aside, we find ourselves at an intersection, where artists of both the old and the new, have lifetimes of stories to be told – behind their work, there’s a story.

artists in residence podcast

And with that in mind, we are thrilled to introduce Artists in Residence, our artist residency program, candid interview podcast, and exclusive NFT auction series.

  • Nicholas Keays is our first resident artist
  • We discussed his art, process and inspiration
  • DROP N°1 registrations are now open

Each resident artist is made an honorary keyholder, unlocking curatorship to earn commissions on primary sales by artists they curate (half of our 15% fee).

Any questions? Join us on Discord.



Gami is a multidisciplinary creative, forward thinking tech buff, and lifelong participant in the arts. He's our Head of HAUS, a member of Nouns DAO and keeps busy leading Gnars and Nouns Athletes.

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