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Welcome To Haus! — #1 (09/01/2022)

Hello fellow ART HAUS patrons! Welcome to the first unit of our weekly ART HAUS Blurb!

Over the course of 2022, the team at ART HAUS will be bringing a whole list of exciting activities to you. We’re starting off this year with a bang: The launch of this newsletter, which sums up noteworthy events across the week.

So without further ado, let’s get into the juicy things that happened this week!

Hype From The Haus!

We’re thrilled to announce the beginnings of an up-and-coming NFT project, Gnars!

If you’re wondering, Gnars is going for a “Nouns vibe”. Yes, the “One Noun, Everyday, Forever” novel collection.

Gnars is still at an early stage, so stay tuned for more information on our Twitter page! If you’re feeling extra Gnarly, here’s a link to our Discord.

Until then… Skate or DAO!

News Of The Week: A Big Crypto Dip

While we were all hoping for a great start to 2022, unfortunately, the opposite has happened.

This week, we experienced a major cryptocurrency dip, resulting in billions of dollars wiped off the cryptocurrency market. At the time of writing, Bitcoin has dropped 10.5% and Ether has gone 18.4% in the red since the start of this week.

Both major cryptocurrencies hit their ATHs (All-time highs) in mid-November; Bitcoin at around $69,000 and Ethereum at roughly $4,800. They have been on a downward trend ever since.

FED Inflation Woes

The US Federal Reserve had released cuts of their December 15th meeting, highlighting concerns for growing inflation, and a plan to hike interest rates as early as March 2022.

This was undoubtedly a catalyst for the overall cryptocurrency dip, with Bitcoin leading the pack in a long red wick downwards. Some have remarked that cryptocurrencies are acting like Technology securities, as investors pivot to safer areas to invest in.

The huge selloff in major cryptocurrencies has brought crypto prices to this point.

You can read more into this event here.

Kazakhstan Mining Halt

Another key factor in driving the price of crypto assets down is the internet disruption in Kazakhstan. 

Unbeknownst to some, Kazakhstan is a major player in the Bitcoin mining space, accounting for a decent 18% of all Bitcoin mining operations.

The internet “lockdown” in Kazakhstan effectively halts all crypto mining operations to a standstill, bringing down the Bitcoin hashrate (A.K.A. global Bitcoin computing power).

While a drop in hashrate does not necessarily spell doom for Bitcoin, the side-effects like selloffs and fear in cryptocurrency certainly affect the market.

For more information, check out this article.

For now, most cryptocurrency enthusiasts are HODLing and waiting for further developments. It will be interesting to see how this situation develops.

News Daily


Check out these celebrities who chose to join BAYC! As one of the most successful NFT collections in the space, BAYC is one of the projects that come to mind when we say ‘NFT’.

Spoiler: Rapper Snoop Dog, TV-host Jimmy Fallon, and YouTube star Logan Paul are all proud BAYC holders! 

10 Top Famous Celebrities Who Aped into the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs

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Animoca Brands, the company behind the popular metaverse world “The Sandbox”, has optimistic predictions for the metaverse in 2022.

Concepts like asset ownership, capitalism, and digital rights in the metaverse are covered in this article. 

Animoca Brands predicts a 2022 decentralized metaverse boom!

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OpenSea, also known as the leading NFT marketplace, has acquired an additional $300 million in their Series C funding.

Now valued at a whopping $13.3 billion, we can attribute this to growing NFT interest back in 2021. We are highly anticipating future endeavors from OpenSea, maybe a legit $SOS token?

OpenSea Valuation Skyrockets to $13.3 Billion Following Series C Funding

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Team Vitality is a professional eSports organization, one of the best in the world. They have announced a partnership with Tezos, a PoS (Proof-of-Stake) blockchain.

This is a huge step forward linking the world of blockchain to gaming. Could there be plans to competitive blockchain gaming?

Team Vitality chooses Tezos to take them to blockchain eSports victory

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GameStop, the gaming merchandise retail company which became a meme stock in early 2021, has finally hopped on the NFT hype train.

They are venturing into the space looking for new solutions to blockchain gaming, and are calling for all creators willing to be part of the GameStop dream. 

GameStop is Working on an NFT Marketplace for Gaming

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CryptoSlam is a company dedicated to ranking NFT collections and evaluating the hype around them on various blockchains.

Investors like Animoca Brands and billionaire Mark Cuban have poured funds into CryptoSlam, concluding a successful seed funding for the organization.

NFT Data Provider ‘CryptoSlam’ Raises $9 Million in Seed Funding Round

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ONE Sotheby is a brokerage for homes, and this time, they will be creating both a physical and virtual mansion; exact copies of each other!

The physical property is being built in a luxurious estate in Miami, with an exact copy of the mansion in The Sandbox Metaverse. This is a huge step in the journey of tying NFTs to real-life attributes, so let’s hope we have more projects like this in the future!

NFT Technology Used to Auction Mansion with Virtual Counterpart in The Sandbox

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ART HAUS Blog Releases

This week on ART HAUS, we released a quick read on “The Geography of the Metaverse” by Scott.

We touch on the geography of our world, and the poverty that exists in certain regions. We also mention the concept of the metaverse, and how this can help us stay closer as well as eliminate the geographical divide.

Why not give this insightful post a read!

The Geography of the Metaverse

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Podcasts: Worth A Listen

Alex Gausman – Creating The Decentralized NFT Liquidity Protocol & Exchange With NFTX – Zima Red

Alex Gausman is the founder of NFTX, LP (Liquidity Protocol), and decentralized NFT exchange. 

In this podcast, they talk about creating solutions to solve annoying problems in the current NFT ecosystem, of course, including liquidity problems. 

Listen Now

Snuffy – SNUFFY 500

Snuffy is an established artist, known for his tattoo art and working as a creative director for big brands like Netflix and Universal Music Group.

In this episode, they discuss art in the NFT space, and motivation for artists to keep on creating.

Listen Now

Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova on Activism in NFTs

Nadya Tolokonnikova, artist and activist who co-founded Russian rock collective Pussy Riot, shares her thoughts on NFTs as the new form of social activism.

This intriguing story shares more about Pussy Riot as the “first-ever DAO”, and why Nadya pins her faith on pushing for change with NFTs.

Listen Now

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Wrap Up

So… that’s it for the first ART HAUS weekly newsletter!

Hope you enjoyed this summary, and stay tuned for issue 2 coming your way next week!

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