BID HAUS is now Open Source and LIVE on Product Hunt!

  Head of HAUS  |  Issue #3  |  Wednesday, 27 Oct 2021  |  Reading time:  2 mins  | Read online

We've been a bit quiet of late, working tirelessly to prepare for our first drop, and making all of our work open source, so others can use it too.

BID HAUS is our WordPress NFT Plugin that connects to ZORA protocol on Ethereum, allowing us to auction any NFT from WooCommerce with 0% fees.

You can try BID HAUS yourself in our gallery

A key focus for ART HAUS is to advocate for the adoption of NFT technology by traditional galleries, to help them cross over from web2 to web3. While analysing the gallery landscape we paid close attention to their websites.

Many of them use popular content management systems such as WordPress, which we chose to build on ourselves, in order to share what we create with gallerists and make onboarding even easier – we've a small favour to ask...

ART HAUS - An artist residency for the metaverse | Product Hunt
BID HAUS is a WordPress plugin for NFT auctions on WooCommerce. Sell any ERC-721 on Ethereum, earn as a curator, and enjoy 0% marketplace fees.
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We just this second went LIVE on Product Hunt and would be immensely grateful for your support. If you can spare a moment in the next 24 hours, please visit our launch page and upvote if you like what you see. 🙏

Stay tuned for more announcements shortly, as we open bids for our first auction, and share details of an industry alliance we've been working on.

Many thanks and gm, ga, ge, gn, wherever you are.

Head of HAUS