DROP N°1 Bidding is NOW OPEN!

  Head of HAUS  |  Issue #4  |  Monday, 1 Nov 2021  |  Reading time:  1 mins  | Read online

We’re thrilled to welcome Nicholas Keays as our first resident artist with this exclusive drop at a reserve price of 1.5 Ether.

Powered by ZORA's auction house protocol, you'll bid for the genesis mint on Nick's own sovereign smart contract, $KEAYS.

D△ R3I M1
Genies generate enough magic to grant 3 wishes … it takes 3 lines to form a triangle … Tetrahedron is the first Platonic solid and is formed of triangles … followers of Plato counted in 3s, which they named a triad … God said “ let there be light ” on the 3rd day … genealogy/genetics/genesis < DNA = do-re-mi ф

This open and permissionless auction is the first of its kind, with bidding via WordPress, the CMS powering 40% of the internet.

Visit the listing to inspect the piece, access insightful content on Nick's works, listen to his appearance on our podcast, and place a bid!


Head of HAUS