Head of HAUS  |  Issue #0  |  Monday, 27 Sep 2021  |  Reading time:  2 mins  | Read online

Welcome to the very first issue of our weekly newsletter. We're dedicated to helping you navigate the tokenised art (NFT) market as a well-informed artist, curator or collector.

ART HAUS INSIDER bundles our usual editorial content with industry news and helpful resources we discover. Each week we'll curate the best content from around the NFT ecosystem and deliver a digest directly to your inbox.

This is also where we will announce our artists in residence, details of upcoming auctions, and invite you to test beta releases of products we are building in-haus, such as our forthcoming plugin for ZORA protocol.

We're really excited for what's to come and can't wait to introduce our first resident. The exclusive work they've produced is exquisite to say the least.

We appreciate your patience while we've been getting things off the ground. To learn more, consider joining us on our brand new Discord server.

Since this is Issue #0, we'll keep it brief and leave you with a few of our most popular articles on ART HAUS in recent weeks.

XCOPY: Dark And Deranged Mimesis of our Contemporaneity
Our Preferred Strategy: Purchase near or exactly at Drop Time, then list Days or Weeks later at a price which is a multiple of original listing price. “Roll” funds into…
Fvckrender: A Dystopian Void of Perfection
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Bianca Beers: A Celebration of Presence
Head of HAUS: Join us for a candid conversation with Bianca Beers, who we are hosting as an artist-in-residence. Available on all popular players, these interviews complement our exclusive NFT…

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