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Welcome To Our Artist Residency For The Metaverse

By August 4, 2021September 7th, 2021No Comments
Artist Residency for the Metaverse

ART HAUS is an artist residency for the metaverse. We enable artists to explore their NFT ideas while helping collectors discover their tokenised works. Privileged access to members-only exclusives is unlocked by collectors who become keyholders. 

Our team comprises passionate collectors, creators, and developers. But most importantly, we are fostering community around curatorship.

What we do

First and foremost we participate in the arts, refining our process for artist discovery which is augmented by AI-driven recommendations. Despite our experimental nature as technologists, we understand cultural significance, taking a deep interest in the artists themselves – Behind their work there’s a story.

For artists

NFTs are a specialised field where we can lend our technical expertise and we are dedicated to helping artists realise the full potential of non-fungible tokens.

  • Appeal to serious collectors with our in-depth research and showcasing.
  • Leverage our Artist Residency program and “Artists in Residence” podcast.
  • Premiere new work and hold exclusive private auctions with keyholders.

We coined “Not Your Contract, Not Your Collection” and want all artists to experience creative sovereignty with their own smart contracts – Apply for residency.

For collectors

NFT utility is something we have been experimenting with for some time and we want collectors to experience full utilisation of non-fungible tokens. Our HAUS KEY limited edition NFT is no exception.

  • Unlock privileged access to members-only private content and exclusive auctions.
  • Make reservations to purchase early editions of our in-haus project collabs.
  • Join our curatorship program for referral commissions and rewards. 
  • And a growing list of forthcoming benefits (stay tuned).

There’s privileged access to members-only exclusives and many more exciting plans ahead – Become a  keyholder.

For the ecosystem

As we embark on this journey of discovery we are also working diligently on projects that address our needs along the way. Inspired by the internet renaissance and open source culture, we are soon releasing some of our own contributions.

  • Token-gating app for NFT permissioned links
  • WooCommerce plugin for the ZORA protocol
  • Keyholder curatorship program incentives

Follow our progress building an artist residency for the metaverse – Subscribe to our mailing list.

See our provably signed Palette for links.

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Gami is a multidisciplinary creative, forward thinking tech buff, and lifelong participant in the arts. He's our Head of HAUS, a member of Nouns DAO and keeps busy leading Gnars and Nouns Athletes.

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