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    What is ART HAUS?

    Welcome to our Artist Residency and NFT Auction House

    Market insights

    Navigate the NFT industry with confidence thanks to our expert analysis and in-depth research.

    Artist residency

    Discover artists exploring their NFT ideas with our open source tools and technical support.

    Auction house

    Purchase exclusive tokenised works at auctions on Ethereum, powered by ZORA protocol.

    Authentic collections

    Purchase from artists whose NFTs are minted to their own provably signed collections.

    Curatorship program

    Invite your favourite artists to apply for residency and earn a curator fee from art sales.

    Podcast interviews

    Meet the artists through uniquely intimate productions – behind their work, there's a story.

    Collectors should get to know artists, because behind their work there's a story.

    Join our Community

    Artists, curators and collectors are all welcome here


    Navigate the tokenised art (NFT) market as a well-informed artist, curator or collector.



    Explore your NFT ideas with our assistance and be made an honorary keyholder to sell your exclusive tokenised works at auction.



    Unlock curatorship to access all areas and submit works for auction with eligibility to earn a 7.5% curator fee – only 1000 keys.


    Own a Key?

    Unlock access to our curator program

    As a keyholder, artists, curators and collectors can submit works for auction and earn a 7.5% curator commission. Connect wallet to prove NFT ownership and unlock private members-only access.

    What are Keys?

    Limited edition non-fungible tokens – NFTs

    ARTHAUS (0xAd…Af4a) is an ERC-721 token (NFT) on Ethereum with a verified contract and max supply of 1000 only. While holding a HAUS KEY you’re granted lifetime membership.
    Combined with GATE HAUS our NFTs function as access keys. Keyholders simply RSVP to redeem annual membership for free by proving NFT ownership status – artwork by Nicholas Keays.